Gail Mayhugh,
Sr. Interior Designer

To work with Gail, please contact +1.888.590.4430 or email

Gail is a Certified Interior Designer and Color Expert and received her interior design education from the Interior Design Institute in 1992.  Since then she has run a successful interior design and architectural color consulting firm, working with over 2,000 clients, both nationally and internationally on over 6,000,000 square feet. Consulting on design and architectural color decisions for both interiors and exteriors, Gail collaborates with homeowners, business owners, property managers, architects, painters, contractors, builders, realtors and homeowner associations.

Most people are nervous talking with an Interior Designer, let alone hiring one.  Not all designers are the stereotype of extravagant, temperamental and costly.  I treat my clients the way I expected to be treated and will never say “That’s got to go! I believe in working within my client’s budget, as a budget is not just what you can afford, but more important, what you are willing to spend. When designing, my objective is that at the end of the project it exceeds my client’s expectations.” – Gail Mayhugh

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