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Is Your Office Ready For an Open Plan Layout?

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Christina Toole Sr Interior Designer

By Christina Toole,
Sr. Interior Designer
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I have space planned and designed workspaces all over the country for online corporate office interior design clients, and I've learned that when deciding between an open office layout vs. enclosed offices, there will always be much debate.

Some of our clients do not lean toward an open plan because they do not feel their team will respond to it. Those that don’t want open plans are not able to accommodate as many people, no matter how small we design their private offices.

Others have gone the opposite route and created large, flexible, multi-use spaces... 

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The open office trend is growing. with more clients are embracing the idea of open offices in every region.

A reason for this could be that the focus has shifted away from “open offices” to creating more “flexible offices” (which often require openness to be flexible in). Flexible offices offer the advantages of an open office plan while addressing most of the cons.

Pros for an open office plan include:

  • Improved communication
  • Higher energy
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • If designed right, they’re just plain cool. A factor that helps with recruiting and impresses clients.

Cons for an open office plan include:

  • Distraction (which can affect productivity)
  • Lack of privacy
  • Even spread of germs

The trend of open offices is growing because the pros (mainly cost-effectiveness and recruiting) outweigh the cons.


The cons of an open office can also be mitigated through good design

Designing flexibility into a space is key. For example, breaking up the space by use and adding flexible space and desired amenities (sit-stand desks, lounge seating, coffee bars, private call rooms, small meeting rooms, etc.) is necessary so users can can escape to these areas when needed.

Adding semi-private spaces, tiny offices that are open on one side, is another idea that is gaining traction. Having a small footprint it’s easy to fit several of these semi-private spaces into a plan.

Semi Private Office Pods -Design-Tribe-Online-Interior-Design

It’s important when designing an office to plan not just for the way we work today, but for the future as well. In the case of offices that may not take to an open plan today, we encourage designing in flexibility either with movable glass walls or “pods” of office walls that can be taken down to open the space up down the road when needed.

Our advice to any new client today, regardless of region, remains the same. Where cost-effectiveness and recruiting are key, we encourage the use of flexible/open space to fit more people into less square footage and for the opportunities it offers to create dynamic, high-energy workspaces.

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Design Tribe Sr. Interior Designer, Christina Toole, is a LEED™ Green Associate, NCIDQ Certificate holder, and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design in 2004. Since then she has served on global hospitality project teams for Wynn Resorts, MGM/City Center, and Mandarin Oriental, and designed mid to high-end residential remodels, vacation and model homes, as well as award-winning branded workspaces.

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