How does Online Interior Design Work?

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You might be familiar with Online Interior Design, or eDesign, but Design Tribe is different from the one-size-fits-all retailers. Our designers don't just "decorate"... they design.

Professional Interior Design is an art and science that requires years of training and education to personalize a space to a fit a client’s design aesthetic and to help the space function efficiently for them as well.

With Online Interior Design, you can meet with your designer, receive samples and drawings, approve budgets and concepts - all from the comfort of your home or office.  When it comes time to install, our nationwide network offers white-glove delivery and installation.


Each project begins with an Online Interior Design Consultation. This is your opportunity to help your Online Interior Designer understand the scope of your project, and to share any photos, plans, goals, and inspiration with your designer. You'll also have the opportunity to get to know your designer and learn how they can help achieve your project goals.

While some design ideas may be discussed, typically design does not take place in this meeting. Instead, your designer will follow up with a proposal based on their understanding of the project.  If you accept the proposal, your consultation fee will be applied to your  project and your Online Interior designer will begin working with you to design the space of your dreams.


Phase 2: Programming

Upon acceptance of our proposal, and upon receipt signed contract and retainer, your Online Interior Designer will set to work.

Depending on the size and complexity of the space, your designer may create a document that includes all of the project requirements as they understand them. This document will list each room and requirements such as budget, lighting, and furnishing requirements, etc. You will then have the opportunity to correct or revise this document before your designer sets to work on Phase 3.

PHASE 3: Concept and Design

Now familiar with your program and vision for your project, your designer will set to work drafting a concept design.

If a space plan is needed, your designer will start here, or depending on your needs may set straight to work selecting finishes and fixtures.

There will be some back and forth during this phase as your designer strives to create a concept that fits your vision perfectly. This phase may include 2D floor plans, concept images, or even realistic 3D renderings.

Some clients will pause at this phase and take the design concept drawings to their contractor for preliminary pricing. We encourage this, and will remain available to answer questions or make revisions during this phase.

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Phase 4: Documentation and Ordering

Once you have approved a concept plan and are happy with the design, your designer will finalize any drawings that you or your contractor need for your new space. This will ensure any finishes, millwork, etc. will be installed to your exact specifications.

During this phase, your designer will also prepare a list of furnishing, lighting, artwork, and accessories to be purchased to complete the design.

If we are able to purchase items with our designer's discount and save you money we will do so, or we may be able to find certain items more affordably from other sources. In these instances we will provide direct links for you to purchase online.

Phase 5: Coordination and Installation

Throughout construction, your Online Interior Designer will remain at your disposal to answer questions and to help make any adjustments to the design if needed.

Depending on the route chosen, your staff or Seed's can manage the ordering, storage, assembly and installation phases.

If you are well-organized and administrative, you may wish to take ownership of tasks such as tracking shipments and deliveries, and securing assembly and install help - you might benefit from the cost savings of managing this phase.

Or, if you'd rather not handle those details, we work with our local contractors to offer turnkey installation services and manage this process for you. The choice is entirely yours.

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